We become what we think.

I just listened to Wayne Dyer on the topic, “We become what we think about all day long”, and I would love to share some of its points with you :-}

  • “Anything, any thought which divides us, weakens us.” Any judgemental thought that creates differences, that separates us, that creates a wall, a barrier whatever it’s sense may be like I’m smarter than him {knowledge}, his earnings are more {finance}, he is a good husband {marriage} , he is more beautiful {beauty}, I’ve this, He’s that {possessions}… any dividing thought breaks us.
  • “Anything, any thought which unites us, brings us together, a thought of spirituality, a thought of love, strengthen us, like we all breathe same air, God gave us all equal lives, we are all alive today, we are humans, we create things, we are god-like. These thoughts of higher self and unity will keep us loving more and be satisfied with ourselves leaving no place for doubts and fears to creep in.
  • If you want to BE IN BALANCE, then, your habits have to start matching up with your desires. And it’s a simple matter to decide to do it in all of your thoughts. I agree this is a relative point because all of us have different desires, different things that hold our attention, different passions, and how we choose to deliver the things which we are passionate about in the best way possible is based on our choices of thoughts which in its delivery brings peace and harmony to us and also to others around us because that was a part of something born out of love, be it love for passion, love to love, love of creation, love of art whatever bond of love it may be.
  • And here’s the last thought that keeps us from the truth of doubt: “Every thought that you’ve, that is on what’s missing in your life is an energy that allows you to become a vibrational match to attracting more of what’s missing in your life.”

Scarcity leads to creation, and that scarcity in our lives for those things we are so desirous of, shapes our actions in that particular direction to achieve the things we want and that surely comes at a price which we must pay to enjoy our ride. Because “Even the air we breathe must be exhaled out.”

Time Management

“Time and tide waits for none.” Both the beggar and the billionaire get the same time 24 hours a day, the way they use the time makes all the difference. Now, talking from an efficient and economic view, I will have a take on it like this, “Rich people buy time and average people sell time.”

Why do some are energized while others seem boring ? Because, the one who has a self-evaluation of himself on a constant basis has an advantage to keep himself in check which makes him more disciplined, accountable and serious in investing his time. While we party, someone’s planning an empire, while we are outing, someone’s getting smarter. And when we meet that someone, we feel inferiority complex and all our faith in ourselves goes away.

Now, we all have different lives, different situations, different responsibilities, different choices to make, different people to deal with. I certainly agree and respect that. So, now let’s come on the same playing field “Time Management”, and talk in a general way.

“Business Hours 10am to 6pm” and “Leisure Hours”. Now, an average person sleeps at 11pm and gets up at 7am, gets ready for the office/work and leaves the home say 50 mins earlier at 9am, which is generally spent in trains and buses. From here, 10 to 6pm occupied, comes home by 7pm and then spends some time with family, friends, dinner and sleep. And once again, the same boring routine.

We feel somewhere within us, I missed that thing, I should have been done with that work, there must be some more hours than 24 hours and I would have completed all my stuffs. “We overestimate what we can do in a single day, and underestimate what we can do in many days.”

Let me tell you a fact, “our brain operates with the efficiency both at the start and the end of the day.” How do you feel when you have to eat same food each day, yah! boring, same mind perceives psychologically. Trick your brain; feel how energized you are at the start of the day but the moment you get out of your home, your brain goes into that daily boring routine, at this point there’s the catch, force yourself No Mr. Brain, let’s do something different, let’s concentrate on something and as you walk 10 steps your mind comes back to boring routines and this could happen 40 times by the time you reach bus/ train. Let’s not deviate from this and bang, you got a story/experience to cherish all the way to office from a recent past. Utilizing this time of nearly an hour concentrating on a single thing a short story, poem and then spending next 40 min on deep contemplation will trick your brain daily, and will open new creative horizons just think 200 hours an year! of deep meaningful creative contemplation! and thus regaining control of mind to some extent.

Now, let’s push the hours into next day, wait what’s that?! It’s fun baby, from 6pm to next day 10am, we get 16 hours, now I don’t think you will want to miss the fun. Now, instead of coming home with a tired face and taking 4 to 5 hours to relax and dinner, I have cultivated a habit for 90 min after 6’o clock pm, everyday or every alternate day (i.e, 3 days a week) in learning about the things I’m passionate about like investments, human phychology and self-help books. For 48 weeks a year with 3 days a week each of 90 min which grows and grows, now being special in a thing I am passionate about really matters and does wonders for me!! And on the rest days I am there to spend time with my friends and family. There’s a danger to avoid, more productivity must not be confused with obsessive work load, Choose the most important works which needs to be done and do it efficiently because if you are not, you are like better men drinking beer and putting butter on breads. And last but not the least, do a weekly or daily self evaluation which is possible to keep your time and efforts in balance and in my case I choose the daily evaluation because it beats the weekly by 7 to 1.

How to talk better ?

Talking is more than just a conversation and exchange of words between people. The most important thing is to build a rapport. How often do we talk with a purpose? Or let’s say we start with a motive and due to some of the emotion triggering words our conversation goes to some different place and we forget the intention of our talk. We must talk with a meaning and as soon as we deviate, we should get hold of the motive again. The most important thing in our talks is how we make the other person feel, which we usually don’t feel that much important. Every talk has a motive, from sharing emotions, to inform, to ask for something, to introduce, etc… and the way other person perceives things matters the most.

Here are some of the points on how can we improve ourselves:

1. Always approach with a smile and positive approach,

2. give a genuine compliment on their looks, we most of the time miss this, details matter;

3. ask how are they , what are they upto, rather than straight jumping on to the point,

4. Don’t speed up the process, be genuine and be patient, and if you are running things to get your thing done, you better give up and go,

5. Keep your ears open while they talk, and try to repeat some phrases they said, and then nod, this gives an impression that you are listening to them, not heedlessly nodding

6. Look for how much can you get them to talk, once they are satisfied, boom, you are in position to say/ask and they are more willing to help,

7. Always say/suggest/ask in a sense that they feel you need their opinion even if it’s entirely your idea, everyone wants to feel important, { don’t forget }

8. If you are angry on someone, try not to directly berate them, that will create resentment, instead explain how could that thing be done better,

9. If you are Superior, compliment compliment, compliment, even if it’s not necessary it will boost others to do better and ultimately you have benefit from that;

10. When you are angry or gloomy, stay alone until normal, things happen without us noticing in these situations,

11. Always be specific in your talks, don’t talk general, exactly say what you have in your mind,

12. Never say until 100% sure, better silent than confused

13. On an ending note, leave the conversation with a smile, a pat or slight touch or hand-shake, these will do wonders when you meet that person again.

Comment below, how many you do, and tell me if I missed something :-}

… that 1 hour!!!

Banging of the music on my headphone’s walls, dumbells in my hands, other things on stall,

10 sets, 12 reps to build a hot bod, motivated, with the tight hands clutched on those rods,

one shot each day to get stronger day by day,

I suffer all the pain to have a higher gain.

Letting ladies chase, a time to tell going through a phase of pain & hell, with each passing rep I feel to quit But I’ve been told, Winners never quit

So, I hit all along, I hit hard coz’ I’m the man, my own fellow ward

No might, all fight, in the days’ light So I daily choose this awesome plight !

How music shapes us ●●●

Listening to music is one of the prime factors that influence our lives. A medicine to worries and daily problems providing an escape from the world.

I usually listen to rock n pop and positively agressive music supported with some calm and soothing music to relax after some days’ continuous work both mentally and physically. I seek comfort in my daily routine by going with a little aggressive music with really really motivated and driving lyrics like of “Best of me, Dangerous, Fight Back” of “Neffex” band because I strongly believe that repetition is the mother of action, development and learning. I strongly believe in developing strengths be it mental, physical or spiritual and what can be the best way if you are really enjoying and relaxing in those kind of music that are actually shaping your lives gradually.

Now, I agree that we have different tastes and preferences, but is not this true that a type of music in which we seek comfort so much, which has so much powerful impact on our senses, which is so pleasing to us, is also shaping us in its way? I think it’s true because in my school days, I saw and felt a change in feelings, senstivity, and confidence in my friends and myself. I felt quite good and confident when I was with the fellow classmates who used to listen sad songs or just calm music, I felt a sense of equality with my friends who had same taste as me and we were pretty much enjoyed our company, and felt lesser confident in comparison with some of the other guys who had a taste of loud, rock, strong music when we used to go in music and activity classes.

And I feel this quite natural and believing that this is true. If we are calm, cool, reserved natured type, we see the world in the same way with values of kindness and happiness. And if we like the dominanting strong loud aggressive music, we do see the world with a feel of worth competing, doing our best in every way we can with a dominating and leading mentality.

In high school, I remember an incident there was a friend of mine very close to me he hardly opened up, he talked to one or two guys but was not that much motivated and driven, deep inside he had a feeling of doubt always, no matter how much we cheered both in groups or personally, he was like yes yes I think I can do, and after one and two days same unmotivated back to zero confidence and when asked, He doubted himself saying I don’t … end of story.

A very practical example which all of us can see is in the gym. Every bodybuilder or gym freak that hits hard on his muscles, I hear loud aggressive music banging on his headphones’ walls, infact I can listen to them even from one or two steps away.

Data feeded into our minds with music do shapes our personality in ways respective to its kind. It happens so naturally that we don’t even pay any heed to a song we listen. We do seek comfort in alcohols, drugs and get high to feel good that destroys us and also we take drugs to keep us healthy, fit and strong. In the same way, such an influencing channel to mind with such a driving force in which we seek comfort when we are in problems do shape our personality with or without us knowing gradually. We prefer living in circumstances that we fit in and feel hard time letting go, we prefer sad music when we are sad because it fits in with our situation at that time, a calm soothing music after hard work because that is the time to relax and it fits in with that, and an aggressive, loud, strong music when we are energetic, full of vigor and in excited mode. A resistance to change in music’s preference can be similarly related to his own changing of his current life situation, how reluctant or appreciating one is to a change to better.

“Music can change the world because it can change people”. It can change you so choose wisely.


In this world of inactivity, where the basics and foundations are rarely seen even for even the smallest of things, and where the most desired thing is “RESULT”, with highly decorated narration, promoted with all the surety dripping from the way it is being used in convincing others. Everything’s gotten very casual and we have become so cool for everything around us that even the most necessary things are wrapped up in a few words coming out of our lethargic brains and are done with it like nothing happened.

Building our Personality is building ourselves, no less no more. What we say, what we look, how we behave, how the way we respect ourselves, how the way we carry ourselves in-front of others, how we deal with miseries of life, what do we share with this world, how much are we committed to a purpose in our live, what choices and decisions we take, how we build ourselves, these are merely a part of our personality.

A comprehensive, powerful personality comprises of four important aspects:

  • Physical Strength
  • Intellectual Strength
  • Moral Strength
  • Spiritual Strength

A man with all might and power without the others is like a wild bull running around. A good mind rests best in a good body and the basic advantage we derive from a stronger body is that we are no longer an object of ridicule, rather we have respect and just think how much benefits we reap if we have all.

Intellectual and mental strength is the most basic, we are our mind which guides us through day to day, and in which direction it goes is all that matters. Now, how do we control our mind to move in a right direction? It comes from four disciplines:

  • Alertness
  • Deep studying
  • Deep thinking
  • Prayer

Are we focused on what we are doing or just doing? For eg. We walk down the road and if asked who just passed us, we don’t know! Deep studying comes from practicing what we read, taking it in our daily lives, sharing what we read with others, and focused on that subject until we have completely understood it. Now, prayer. Why Prayer? Because, our mind contains many information, much of it trash, we gotta have to channel it in a way so that we feel light headed and focus on more productivity than before enabling others too subconsciously.

  • “An intelligent man, who lacks moral development is but a cunning fox!” We all know such people in our lives we can see them at bottoms and at the top. We are all demoniac having lust, greed, anger, passion, attachment, jealousy, egotism, etc. Difference being how much we control these negative emotions makes all the difference, which comes by practising and practising these three:
  • Purity of Thought
  • Purity of Speech
  • Purity of Action

Any action and speech is originated by a thought and idea. As the thought right and pure so the speech and action respectively.

Now, comes the most important of all without this, all the other three are incomplete. Knowing the self as spirits not the bodies. A higher self of us, an enlightened one!

Spirit i.e., consciousnes, is one true nature. This Spirit is All-powerful and All-blissful. Therefore to overcome our fears and weaknesses and to remove our sorrows, we need to know about spiritual self. Now, one may ask if we are the spirits why don’t we realise it? The answer lies in the question- can anyone see our own face? Likewise, we need the help of meditation to see our own spiritual self.

And how much we practice these will make us into a likable, charismatic satiated and blissful beings.